Our Story

Owners, Andy and Beth Hayes, had a vision that meant you didn’t have to sacrifice time with family for an extraordinary meal. They strongly believe that you can have it all: a comfortable family atmosphere, relaxed but knowledgable service, a unique beverage program, and a creative and memorable menu. Rosie Food & Wine is Hendersonville, Tennessee’s neighborhood dining restaurant. We’re a team of like-minded passionate people who want to provide the best in service and food to  this suburb of Nashville, TN without sacrificing ideals we hold to be true; that good food doesn’t have to be stuffy, family meal-time doesn’t always have to be ultra-casual, and you don’t have to drive an hour just to have a special evening.

Owner & Executive Chef

Andy Hayes

Originally from Tennessee, Andy left the state right after graduating high school to broaden his mind and explore the world. After meeting his now wife, Beth, and starting a family, Andy and Co. returned to his home state to share their combined love of hospitality and cuisine. Today they have two equally passionate children, Reed and Rosemary, who are the inspiration for everything creative they undertake.

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