Starting Thursday, April 30th, we will open back up our dining room for service! We will return to our normal operating hours of Tuesday through Saturday 4pm-10pm.


Carry out and curbside pickup will still be available for any and all, as we want to ensure that even those who aren’t ready to dine out can still enjoy our cuisine. When we open our dining room, we will, of course, be abiding by the Governor’s guidelines for a safe reopen in order to protect our staff and guests:


  • We will be operating at 50% capacity

  • Tables will be spaced at a minimum of 6 ft apart

  • No parties larger than 6 will be allowed

  • Reservations are required

  • All guests must submit to either having their temperature taken, or they may fill out a brief questionnaire about their health. If a guest refuses they will not be permitted inside the restaurant.

  • Staff will have their temperature taken daily, and will monitor their health. Any staff member who does not feel well will stay home.

  • Our staff will also be wearing PPE, including cloth face masks and gloves, which they will change in between tasks.

  • We ask that if you would like a ROSIE dining experience that you understand that all steps we are taking are with the Governor’s guidelines and everyone’s safety in mind. 

As for the dining experience some things WILL be different. Instead of sitting down to a beautiful place setting, you will find your silverware has come straight out of sanitation and gloved-rolled into your napkin. You will be keeping your silverware between courses so that loose silverware doen’t need to be handled by staff. The important thing to remember is, we can finally put food back on plates and do what we set out for since the beginning: Bringing extroardinary dining experiences to the guest in a comfortable environment. We’re hoping that while you’re here that you forget about your server’s face mask and the food runners surgical gloves, and focus on why we all love dining out in the first place. It is an opportunity to leave the world outside and indulge in the company of those around you and in an artistic and culinary vision without having to do the dishes afterward!

Please review the following list before making a reservation, as we want you to be prepared before walking in our doors:

  • If you are arriving for a reservation, please call the host at 615-757-3305 to let us know you have arrived. We will let you know if your table is ready. If it is not, you are welcome to stay in your car until we alert you that we are ready to seat you. Please do not simply walk in, as we want to ensure social disgtancing can be assured to all guests and we will not allow folks to wait in the foyer.

  • No walk-ins allowed….Please call the host to see if we have a table available. Call aheads will be allowed to dine if we know you are coming and can secure a table for you at a given time.

  • Our bar is CLOSED temporarily due to State Restrictions

  • Before being seated for a reservation you must agree to have your temperature taken or answer a health questionnaire. This is also required by the State. Anyone who refuses to do either will not be allowed to sit.

  • All staff are wearing PPE, in accordance with the State. Please respect social distancing mandates. 

If you are ready to make a reservation, you are welcome to do so by booking online via tock:

You are also welcome to call the restaurant, but we ask that you keep phone lines open for those wishing to make an order for pickup and for us to answer questions. 615-757-3305.

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